Friday, March 14, 2014

Epic Pie Day or is it a Lie?

It's March 14th in 2014, which I thought everyone was considering epic pie day. Upon a little further look I found that next year is supposed to be the epic year - 03/14/15 but I also distinctly remember people getting excited that this year the whole month is Pie month and yet I haven't eaten any pie at all yet.

And then I found this post about March Madness "The Cake Vs. Pie Tournament"

And my tummy starts to grumble.
 (to see the results of the above tournament go here but I would suggest you go through it yourself and come up with your own winner, at least that's my plan for the next week) ;)

But wait! Is it true? Is this what we should all be eating today:
Is this adorable pink pony telling us the truth??
(awesome fan art by Gray--Day on DeviantARt)
Or have we been deceived all these years?!?
Have I ever played Portal?
 Do I understand Math?
Can I only ask questions for this blog post??
Well, No. I mean No to the three questions above this statement of course.

But according to Vi Hart an You Tube Pi is Wrong and we should eat Tau.

Or something like that. I honestly don't know, math makes my brain fall out and

But despite all this, Vi Hart's videos on Hexaflexagons, Spirals, and other fun doodles are videos I love to watch despite the alien math language.

But I digress - what about Pi? 


Pinkie Pie?

The world may never know...

Now to figure out which Pie to bake today, hmm.

Happy 03-14!!