Tuesday, June 25, 2013

4th of July Hand and Footprint Tshirt

 The 4th of July is coming up and here's a fun thing we did last year -
Hand and footprint Flag Tshirts! 

Since I hadn't started my blog but I had started in my Pinterest addiction, I simply uploaded this picture and a lot of people have liked it so I figured I'd post about how we did it.

It was 4th of July morning and I suddenly wanted to do a bunch of fun stuff (yep that's me) so I looked up fun stuff on the internet and saw a few ideas I liked, one of which was a flag made out of handprints and footprints but I thought it would be fun on a Tshirt. So I dug through our drawers and found a white shirt for each of us and ran to the store and found some Tulip Puffy Paint since it was the only fabric paint that had red and blue left at the store. (There are a lot of varieties of fabric paint out there and Tulip even has a "soft" line that's supposed to be best for shirts but these shirts are still bright and doing fine after a year, the paint hasn't rubbed off, washed off, or faded!) We squirted a bunch of paint on a paper plate, put our hands and feet in it and put it on the shirts. Pretty simple, and a lot of fun - basically the hardest thing was making sure the kids didn't get paint on anything else! ;)
 For the kids shirts I did just their hand prints, but for mine I did my hand print and each of their hand prints :)

For my shirt I didn't want to get paint on my feet so I used the kids feet - it really surprised me how big the kids feet were!


 That's his footprint! I couldn't believe that it filled up so much space on the tshirt - I'm sure he's going to be super tall when he grows up!
 I love his expression in this photo ;)
 My friend did my daughters hair - fun star with ribbons!
We made two large shirts and gave one to my mom and then we were all off to the freedom festival. It was fun matching each other and like I said above, after a year the paint is still as good as it was that day, and it was a quick fun thing to do as a family.
Hope you have a great 4th this year!

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