Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Crazy Sock Collection

Today was Crazy Sock Day at my daughters school. This was great and dandy for us since I own about 3 pairs of "normal" socks. One time I took off my shoes around some friends and one of my friends was saying how she wondered who wore crazy socks like that and now she knew - I'm one of those people. It's gotten such that at Christmas I expect to get socks in my stocking - and my husband knows if he ever wants to get me a gift he can get me socks. So I thought it would be fun to take pictures of all my fun socks (although some must have been in the wash or awol since I couldn't find all of them) and share them!

So here's what my daughter wore today:
(I'm finding the best time to blog is after the kids are in bed so sadly I didn't get a picture of her wearing these) So one super bright neon pink sock with yellow and white stripes and then she wore two socks on the other leg, a blue one with argyle hearts and a polka dot short sock.  The polka dot sock came in a pack of 3 by LittleMissMatched which are sold as 3 different socks so if you loose one (like we always seem to do) you still have 2 and you can mix and match them.
Boy I'm embarrassed at how dirty all my socks are - but I'm pretty notorious for wearing socks around the house without shoes hence why a lot of them get holes like this.
I'm so sad when my socks get holes in them - I've never been very successful in patching them up and it's usually a favorite pair that I've been wearing a lot so it's sad to see them go.

Here's the socks I wore today - a fun Halloween pair with great stripes:
 Speaking of stripes, here's my rainbow socks and following that is my stripe socks

I've worn the pink and blue striped socks to church for easter. I've actually been surprised at how many people notice them and come up and tell me how much they like them.
 Here's some of the valentine socks I have.
 Here's some of the random ones I have - there's another XOXO pair I had missed with the Valentines socks and there's two pair with face-card symbols (used those when I was the Queen of Hearts for Halloween) and I love my red white and blue socks for 4th of July and the black ones on the right that look like laced up ballet shoes. Plus those polka dot ones are fun!
 Christmas socks! The pair on the right are a little hard to see but they have snowmen and snowflakes on them, plus they are my one pair of toe socks - as much as I love socks, I'm not a big fan of toe socks.
 As I was laying out the next socks one of my cats got really excited. To play with him we'll put socks over our hands and wrestle with him (it's gotten to where we put at least two socks on to protect our hands from his sharp teeth and claws) but since we started that when he was a kitten he knows socks mean play time. Thankfully he doesn't ever attack the socks when they're on our feet.
 Halloween socks! Probably my biggest section - remember to include the spider pair I'm wearing today - but all those Nightmare before Christmas ones in the middle are the newest additions I got for Christmas. It's a little hard to see but the ones on the left are spider webs and the ones on the right have candy corn. I also love the ones on the bottom right, they have little black kitty paw prints.
 I also love fuzzy socks - this is one of my fuzzy socks, the bottom one is turned inside out so you can see the fuzziness.
Here's my sock drawer stuffed full of all my crazy socks. With my personality there's times where I want to wear crazy stuff but it doesn't always work out to do so - but I can wear a pair of my crazy socks and most of the time they don't show and no one knows about it but I know I've got a flash of bright color hiding inside my shoes and it helps me feel happy.


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