Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Why Tabbygram?

Ok, I know I said my next post would be an introduction but I went to do a description of the blog - the little snippet that shows up under the title - and my snippet was too long. But I rather like it so I'm going to share it here!

I love old movies and I remember people were always excited to get a telegram. Back before facebook and blogs I would send out emails to family and friends with updates of my life and I labeled them "Tabbygram" for a play on the word telegram and my nickname Tabby. Now telegrams were usually done in code and you had to know the code to understand the message. According to Wikipedia "In the Internet age, telegraphic means developed greatly in sophistication and ease of use, with natural language interfaces that hide the underlying code." This blog is a mix of both just like the title is a mix of my name - there's a few things I'll talk about that may seem to be in code unless you're a mom, fellow geek, SCAdian etc. but I also hope that a lot of the post will be "developed greatly in sophistication and ease of use" with fun things that everyone can understand and enjoy.

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  1. I like the name and knowing more about it! I would've done good back in the days where people got excited about telegrams and letters... I STILL love getting "real mail" even now! :)