Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I've been assimilated!

This is the 3rd blog I've started. I've wanted to do a blog for a few years now but I kept resisting feeling it was just not something I could add to my load. I get sucked into the computer as it is and I didn't want to give myself yet another temptation to zone away in internet land. I should be putting time into my other blog krazykilts which was made to promote our etsy business - or actually making stuff for that business.  Be that as it may, I've decided to finally start a blog that doesn't have any strings attached and can just be whatever I want - sure I can share stuff about our business and trick...I mean gently coerce you all into buying our stuff - but really there's a whole lot more I want to share, nifty stuff I do like things I create without photoshop but only using things like Paint and Microsoft Office Publisher - stuff I'm proud of and some stuff I want to put on pinterest and, and (see this is one reason I didn't want to do a blog because I can ramble...a lot).

The other reason I didn't want to start a blog is I really don't ever read other peoples blogs. (Oh the horror! No! It can't be!) Yes, I will take some time to read a few family members once in awhile and there's favorites of mine that I'll go to for hairstyle ideas and such but really I'm not that big of a blog follower. So why should I ask anyone else to follow me and read about my crazy nonsense when I might not return the favor?  Well for one I want to share my talents because I feel they are amazing (or I'll keep telling myself that until I feel that way) and some of it I think other people would really enjoy. And you can't pin stuff on pinterest from facebook. Ok I admit it I want to be able to pin my stuff on pinterest and have it be attributed to me - not just labeled as "uploaded by user." And facebook has failed me in that they don't save post anymore. Facebook was like my journal and my main hub of sharing photos and my awesome amazing projects for all to love and share - but in trying to go back in the archives I've discovered a lot is not there anymore. boo, hiss, sulk :(  With all of that in mind I figured a blog would be a great way to tie everything together - I can post things I find fun from facebook, I can put my stuff on pinterest, and I can have it all archived and call it my attempt at a journal. ;)

So here I am in my pajamas starting off a blog when I should be getting ready and spending time with my little boy that turns 4 today (no worries, we did big birthday party already a few days ago - and that will be a post soon!) but yes, I think my next post will be a crazy introduction and then I'll dive in posting what I did years ago but can't wait to share and maybe I'll even get on top of posting about things that happened recently.  I have been assimilated into the blogging world! :)

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  1. I'm glad you've been assimilated because it will be fun reading all about what you're thinking and doing! :)