Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Inept computer skills

(Update: Thanks to codeitpretty I was finally able to understand how to do fun buttons on the side of my blog!! I also was able to find some fun free buttons at Shabby Blogs Hooray! Also if you go to this link you can get Instructable buttons too! It makes me so happy! I probably went a bit overboard with buttons LOL)

I wanted to do a bunch of spiffy things to my blog today, like a button that took you to my pinterest stuff and such but my inept computer skills made it so that after an hour or so of working on it and nothing working out I gave up. I went to trusty old google and looked up directions and such but still no luck. At some point I'll get it figured out but for now I figured I'd just put a link here since I do know how to do that!

My Pinterest

Also, before I decided to do a blog, my favorite place to put up some of my DIY ideas has been Instructables.com and I'll probably still do a few things there and I couldn't find any way to put a widget/gadget/whatever to my instructable stuff so here's the link for that!

My Instructables

On my Instructables you can already check out how to make a Monster Book of Monsters, Tardis Quillow and Jack Skelington Jug Lights.
It'll take some time but hopefully I can make this blog efficient and run the way I want it to.


  1. Hey if you need some help on adding stuff to your blog and what not you can always drop me message on Facebook. It takes a little bit to get used to some of the formatting on Blogger, but its pretty easy once you've figured out how to do some of it. And I could help you set up some of those links on your blog :)

  2. Replies
    1. You're a cutie! Thanks - I'll have to get your help at some point. :D

  3. Hooray! Thanks to http://www.codeitpretty.com/2012/11/new-pinterest-board-and-profile-widgets.html I was able to finally figure it out! At least a little bit ;)